X3 Series

X3 is extended version of our regular Halo Headband.

Even though our best selling Halo II headband blocks the sweat efficiently for most athletes, it can still become overwhelmed under certain conditions.

Tie Versions

 Halo X3 Tie Black/White Halo X3 Tie Black

Pullover Versions

X3 Pullover Black/White

What makes the Halo X3 headband even more efficient?

3 front layers of Dryline fabric


It’s made with three front layers of high quality Dryline® fabric which maximizes sweat absorption.

Side panels are made with AIR mesh

The side panels are made with AIR mesh fabric which increases air flow to help keep you cool and comfortable

3'' Wide

It’s 3’’ wide compared to the Halo II which is 2’’ wide.

X3 Measuring Chart

Another benefit is that it comes in two sizes: Medium and Large/XL.

While the Halo II pullover headband fits most people comfortably, it might be a little too tight if you have a large head. 

 9 of 10 Sweat Blocking Capacity

We have rated all Halo headbands by Sweat Blocking Capacity and the Halo X3 headband enjoys 9 out of 10 ranking.

It can only be beaten by the Halo Protex Bandana and the Skull Cap which both have 10 out of 10 ranking.


Halo X3 Pullover Headband