About Us

How did we get into Halo Headbands?

Well, it all began because we loved various physical activities which require skill, strength, character, and endurance. We were especially passionate about a little racquet sport called squash, so much so that we opened a store in Montreal where we could sell and distribute a wide assortment of sports gear specializing in racquet sports equipment. As interest grew, in addition to expanding to another location at the prestigious Atwater Club, we founded www.SportsVirtuoso.com, an online store which gave us the opportunity to better serve customers who shared our passion for physical activities.

With this in mind, we wanted to find the best headgear that we could offer on the market. We tried every headband out there, but found that they worked at best only temporarily. Once an ordinary headband became saturated, it would drip sweat into our eyes impairing our vision. Oftentimes, people simply got used to this standard, and either figured that they didn’t have a choice, or that they would have to carry several headbands and switch them out whenever they would get too soaked. Needless to say, this was not exactly ideal in the middle of a tough exercise or competition.

For us, who always strive to provide the highest quality products for our clientele, this was not satisfactory. Eventually in our search, our friend Eric Thibeault recommended to us a great product called Halo Headband. He happened to have worked with Halo USA, and indicated that it was like no other headgear that we had come across. Halo Headbands are made from a lightweight, comfortable Dryline fabric and a Sweat Block Seal to direct sweat away from the front of your face and off to the side of your head. So we gave it a shot, and it was great! It would not get saturated no matter how intense our activities became, and because of it’s drainage technology it completely kept sweat out of our faces. We had found exactly what we were looking for.

Soon thereafter, we purchased many of these fantastic headbands for our own stores. After many glowing reviews and much positive feedback from our satisfied customers, we wanted to do more. As such, we contacted the manufacturer but this time agreed to work as the Canadian distributor and retailer offering the full range of Halo Headband products. It is therefore with much delight that we are now able to offer Halo Headband products throughout Canada.