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Only drawback is that it isnt medical grade. Other than that it is comfortable and easy to use 👍

Halo II Pullover Headband

Halo X3 Pullover Headband

Great headband

Great headband - wonderful fit and captures a ton of sweat

Peak too short

It’s wintertime with most outdoor and indoor facilities closed. As such I’ve no opportunity to really test out the Halo Visorband. Since I’m very happy with my previous Halo bands, I’m sure I’ll like the Vosorband. One initial observation, the peak looks short in comparison to normal hats which likely block out more sun.

Great product

Great headband. Stays in place. You can use it to cover your ears for warmth or not.

Halo II Pullover Headband

Halo Slim 1" Pullover Headband

Very well Made

This headband is just great keeps the sweat out your eyes and most of your face a must when training. Good Job Halo Headband. Thanks

Nice fit!

I recently purchased this headband and was pleased how well it fit under my bike helmet. It does a great job keeping my ears warm in the cold weather while keeping the sweat out of my eyes. Highly recommend this product and other Halo headbands.

I am very pleased with my order.

Looks like it will work well. Is a gift so haven't actually tried it for real yet.

Halo Cycling Cap Review

I recently received my cycling cap. I love the fact that the silicone band is integrated. Although the weather is cooler now, I did a test ride with it on my trainer where I sweat profusely. It worked just as well as the Halo bands alone. I look forward to being able to use it in the warmer weather outside where the brim will keep the sun and wind out of my eyes.

Still awesome after 8+ years.

I purchased one of the early versions of the Halo Headband back in 2012 when I was getting a bit more serious about my running. A couple of Boston's later, and it works just as well.
My now teenage son wanted one, which motivated me to buy a second Halo for myself. I chose the one with the Canadian maple leaf and after a couple of spinning sessions, it works just as well if not better than the original. If I forgo the headband, my bike and floor is usually scattered with splatters of sweat, but hardly any sweat to wipe up when using the headband.

Leave well alone

Through the years, I bought and used several versions of your products (visor, halo 1 tie and Velcro)
I wanted a little more sweat protection so I bought the X3 tie version. Until now, unlike other products (cycling, running, hiking, rowing) I have only used the X3 indoors on my rowing machine. This is therefore only a partially informed opinion. Comparing with my other headbands, I find that the thickness of the material used allows less heat to be dissipated. And that paradoxically, the X3 is less efficient. It remains to be seen how it will be on the bike outside

Great Headbands!

These work!! keeps the sweat out of your eyes. The velcro is good, a couple of hairs got caught once, but it does work. Enjoying them!!

They help

These were bought for indoor trainer use and they help to keep sweat from the eyes.

New headband!

The quality is great; unfortunately my head is too big!

Sweat Cap

My order was delivered on time and the caps were as advertised. They are dewing the job... no more sweat dripping off my head!

One size fits all doesn’t really work for me. It’s too big. Colour and style is good.

Halo II Pullover AIR Series Headband

Never disappointed

I have been using Halo Headbands for many years. Started as a sweatband for my cycling and gym workout and now I am using my newly acquired one as my hairband. Bandit comes with nice patterns and it is fun to wear it. Of course it is very functional. For these reasons, I love Halo Headband.

Love them!

These headbands are perfect! They are stylish and functional and very high quality.

Best headband ever!

These headbands are super comfortable, wick the sweat away, prevent sweat from going in your eyes, stay in place, can cover the ears for warmth and are stylish. Love them!

Awesome mask!

Love the new Haloheadband mask! Super comfortable/breathable and it hooks behind your head/neck as opposed to the ears- so much better! Only thing I wish it had was a little pocket to put a filter in….