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Excellent product
Hello Halo
My second Halo Bandit (my 3rd Halo product) and as expected 5 Star performance again
Halo II for a bald sweaty guy in a hot climate
comfortable and work as described
Great headband
Not Tight Enough
We would recommend the Halo Velcro or Halo I Tie which can be adjusted to your liking. Also, depending on how much you sweat, the Halo II headband might not be enough for workouts of more than 45 minutes. We rate this headband 7 out of 10 in terms of the Sweat Blocking Capacity. For heavy sweaters or longer workouts, we recommend considering the Halo X3 headband which comes in different sizes or the Halo Skull Cap.
Perfect for biking
Good visor, falls slightly shorter than the headband
Halo Headband review!
Halo II Pullover Headband : super
Halo Headband Excellent
Halo Skull Cap
Halo Super Wide Pullover Sweatband
Quality Product
60% satisfaction
Very sorry to hear that. It shouldn't be happening. It's good that you are not using the dryer but for best results it's better to hand wash it as well. Depending on your washing machine and the cycle you use, it can effect the elasticity of the headband. If you prefer using the washer, we would recommend considering the Halo I Tie version which you can always adjust to your liking. We also sent you an email so that we could resolve this issue for you
Happy to hear the headband has solved one problem but sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. Maybe the headband is a little too tight for you? You can pre-stretch it with your hands and it should become a bit looser but be careful not to overstretch it. Alternatively, you can consider the Halo I Tie headband which you can adjust to your preference by making the knot on the back. Please let us know if we can be of any help. We have different styles and can replace it with the one that would fit you better.