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Halo Protex Bandana
Jorin Green (Vancouver, CA)
Worth using in the heat!

I love Halo headbands, and just retired my original one as the rubber seal finally surrendered after many, many miles on the bike. Despite hard conditions and being crushed under a helmet, it lasted 12-14 years. My new Halo is maybe nicer than the original, and makes riding easier, as do the other couple of partial bands I have. Because I am bald, keeping my eyes clear is a challenge, and Halo has been the only good solution I have found to control moisture in my eyes.

Halo Cycling Cap
Joey Bolduc-Gilbert (Québec, CA)
Great product!

Been using it for a couple weeks. Considering ordering multiples since it pretty much solved my sweat in eyes problem!

Halo Cycling Cap
Meghan Ellis (North Saanich, CA)

I purchased as a skull cap to fit under my softball mask, keep my scalp from burning and cover the top part of my forehead. Works like a charm, fabric is cool and breezy and the fit is snug, height is a touch long for my forehead but I have a smaller head. I really enjoy the product, purchased 2 more tie styles which will probably suit my smaller head a bit better due to the adjustability. Really glad to have found this product though, it’s exactly what I was looking for, truly excellent!

Halo Protex Bandana
Jorin Green (Vancouver, CA)
Perfect if you are bald

Cycling when bald can be challenging, as hair helps with sweat management, and bike helmets aren't as bald-head friendly. Changes in wind direction, hot days, and stopping for lights all present extra challenges for me, and the Protex bandana is ideal because it keeps the sun off (try explaining the burned in pattern from helmet vents!) and redirects the water. Halo headbands in general a helpful, but this one is my favourite by far.

Halo II Pullover Headband
Al Hoare (St. Catharines, CA)
Halo Pullover Headband

Extremely happy so far with Halo ll Pullover Headband. It does an amazing job of keeping sweat out of my eyes and off my face when playing pickleball. My enjoyment of the game has gone up immeasurably since wearing this headband.

Works great!

I’ve tried many sweat bands and these are the best!

Halo V - Velcro®Headband (adjustable)
Ari Rizvi (Gatineau, CA)

Halo V - Velcro®Headband (adjustable)

Halo II Pullover Headband
Gerry (Winnipeg, CA)
Works Great!

It works quite well - just as advertised! It keeps the sweat out of my eyes while I am riding my bike. This is my second one.

Halo II Pullover AIR Series Headband
Robert L (Prince George, CA)
Decent headband but doesn’t live up to the hype

Fairly comfortable headband but doesn’t work nearly as well as I hoped. I still get a decent amount of sweat in my eyes. Also leaves a big line on your forehead from where the seal presses in.

Halo X3 Pullover Headband
AL (Montreal, CA)
Overall: Great product !

I didn't know what to expect, and after a few times of using it, I realize it does it outstandingly does it job:

Sweat absorption: 10/10, outstanding. I play tennis, and I can play for up to a couple of hours (2-3 sets) without having to change it.

Comfort: 9/10. I might have selected one size under what I really need, but still find it comfortable enough. I will buy one a size larger.

Looks: 10/10. I love the design, and it doesn't get dirty easily!

Value for money: 7/10. I feel it could be a little less expensive.

Halo Bandit AIR Series - pullover headband
George Fulford (Toronto, CA)
Heavy duty sweat band

I sweat a lot when working out, and I’m bald. For indoor workouts the Bandit sweatband suits me very well. It is a good deal more comfortable than lower profile Halo sweatbands, keeps me feeling cooler, and does a better job keeping sweat out of my eyes. The fabric covering my forehead is thin, and I think it will fit nicely under a baseball cap for outdoors workouts during the summer.

Halo I Headband AIR Series - tie version
Keith Simison (Windsor, CA)
Halo Headbands

Bought two as birthday presents for two of my cycling friends. They love them.

Halo Cycling Cap
Olivier L. (Saint-Gervais, CA)
Design douteux

La casquette retient très très bien la sueur et la bande de caoutchouc développée par Halo est géniale.

Toutefois, le design n'est pas au point. Le bonnet est trop profond donc la bande élastique descend par dessus les oreilles. C'est une casquette, pas une tuque... Je retourne le bord sur l'arrière pour le surplus de tissus mais le design gagnerait a être amélioré

Halo II Pullover Headband
Neil Wood (Kincardine, CA)
Great Performing Headband

I use this one for my indoor workouts; it fits well, holds its position, and is comfortable. It is highly recommended.

Halo X2 Pullover Headband (Prevost, CA)
The gold standard in headbands

I ordered one and was so impressed that I ordered another. I bought them to replace a Halo II model that was worn out after years of use and repeated washings. The X2 version is superior to the Halo II. Much more absorbent and the front panel confirms to the shape of one’s forehead. Well worth the extra money.

Halo Bandit - pullover headband
Mardi Redshaw (Canmore, CA)
halo headbands

I have several types of headbands and love them all! I wear one during indoor fitness classes, spin classes, cross country skiing, under my downhill ski helmet, and outdoor cycling. They are super effective at directing the copious amounts of perspiration that I produce away from my eyes!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Mark Payten (Victoria, CA)
Great Product for Heavy Sweat

I have been using the Halo 2 headbands for about 4 or 5 years now. They are a great product!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Brian Hook (Edmonton, CA)
I like your products

You hit a sweet spot with your product thanks for the great service. Looking forward to using them this coming summer.

Halo Slim Pullover AIR Series Headband
Keith Simison (Windsor, CA)
Slim Pullover Headband

Fit feels great. 👍 Looking forward to riding with it in the warmer weather.

Halo V - Velcro®Headband (adjustable)
Barry Hartt (Kelowna, CA)
Totally adjustable.

Totally adjustable, and finally a true one size fits all due to the Velcro backstrap. Absolutely love it..

Halo II Pullover Headband
Jean Guy Cyr (Bathurst, CA)

I have more than one and I love them all
They keep the sweat from going down too my eyes
And they look great

Halo II Pullover AIR Series Headband
Danick Archambault (Montreal, CA)
I love these headbands

I've been using Halo headbands for several years now and they are highly resistent! The special yellow sweatband does a great job of stopping sweat from going in the eyes.

Halo I Headband - tie version
Patrick Veillet (Rimouski, CA)

tre`s bon produit

Halo II Pullover Headband
Mtb Rider (Toronto, CA)
Halo II pullover

Just perfect! Does everything very well!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Douglas Miller (Athens, CA)
Great headband

These headbands are the greatest thing if you sweat.