Join the Halo Headband Canada Ambassadors Team!

Everyone who spreads the word about Halo Headband is our ambassador, and let me start by saying that we are exceptionally grateful for your support over the years, be it a review on our website, a post in social media, referring your co-workers or recommending Halo to your friends.

Finally, we are ready to launch the Halo Headband Canada Ambassador Program to reward our valued customers who play such a crucial role in our success.

For starters, we have created the Halo Headband Canada Ambassadors Facebook group, and we invite all our customers to join.

We have also created the Ambassadors Dedicated Portal which will allow you to earn points for every activity you perform: a social media post, a review, new design idea, etc.

For the launch of the program, we prepared something special for you to show how easy it is to help us grow together and be rewarded along the way. 

We are giving away the Halo II Black pullover headband to everyone who submits a video review of at least 30 seconds (3 min max) by October the 31st.

All you need to do is click this link and record a video review of your Halo headband and then click “Send”. Don’t worry, you will have a chance to review your video to ensure it’s to your liking and if it’s not, you can make as many attempts as you’d like before submitting your review. Please be patient after you have clicked “Send” as it might take a few minutes to upload depending on your internet speed.

To claim your free Halo II headband, please log in to the Ambassadors Portal, go to the Video Review Activity tab and notify us that you have submitted the review. The coupon for your free headband will be uploaded to your Rewards in the Ambassadors Portal within 48 hours which you can then redeem on


And it’s just the beginning. There will be a lot of opportunities to spread the word and be rewarded. Please join our Ambassadors Program and explore how you can help.

We are also open to new ideas and suggestions. Don’t forget to join our Idea Board.


And yes, you get points for submitting new ideas too!

Every little help counts and is greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot for lending your hand,

Tim, family member

Halo Headband Canada

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