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Halo head series pullover

This head band is great for working out. I highly recommend it.

Halo I Headband - tie version
Stephen Cairns (Burlington, CA)
Best head band

Keeps sweat out of eyes and I sweat a lot

Halo Protex Bandana
Truly works

I’m a sweater and this bandana keeps the sweat out of your eyes. It just redirects the sweat somewhere else. I will say at some point the saturation just gets out of control on a 2 hour bike ride let’s say in intense sun, but you still only get 1 or 2 tiny drops in your eye. I’ll take it!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Paul Wigmore (Toronto, CA)
Great for MTB

Works to keep 99% of the sweat out of my eyes and off my glasses when mountain biking. Definitely recommend.

Halo Slim Pullover AIR Series Headband
Athos Zaghi (Toronto, CA)
Controls sweat

I wear glasses when I ride and sweat works it’s way into my eyes. A friend recommended the halo brand. These bands work to control sweat. I now won’t ride without my band.

Halo I Headband - tie version
K. Smith (Coutts, CA)

I have had one before.
It is as good as expected.

Halo Cycling Cap
Trevor Stone (Comox, CA)
Halo Headband It’s True - No Sweat Gets Through!

I couldn’t be happier with my original Halo headband I purchased some time ago and just recently the 2 cycling caps I’ve just received. These products are amazing and do precisely what they’re designed to do, keep sweat away from my face. The Halo cycling cap is just an added bonus and fits comfortably when wearing my helmet. What a great product!

Halo Sport Visor
Stafford Tipton (Victoria, CA)
Love it!

Fits perfectly, and does the job!

Halo Bandit AIR Series - pullover headband
ferdinand dy (Brampton, CA)
AIR is better

i had the headband it was alittle tight for my head it leaves a mark that takes a while to disappear then i tried the AIR series and im satisfied its softer and coller. mu friendsasking where to get one

Halo II Pullover Headband
Sandro Rosati (Burlington, CA)
Not that great, disappointed

I received my Halo headband and I used it on my cycling ride and although the first hour was fine, as the temperature started to increase and my ride was getting longer, my sweat began to get in my eyes which was the entire reason why I bought the Halo headband. I was disappointed in the product and it seams it only good for short exercise periods. The product should have an absorption material added to the product

Halo X3 Tie Version Headband
Shari Hanson (Toronto, CA)
Excellent Product

Comfortable under the helmet and very effective at wicking away the sweat!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Marc-Andr¨¦ Plante (Ottawa, CA)

This headband realy do the job and they have many diferent style

Halo II Pullover Headband
Denis Turpin (Ottawa, CA)
Halo ll headband

Excellent product. Must have for intense bike riding. In fact i will be buying a second one.

Halo Bandit AIR Series - pullover headband
Dwayne Onofriechuck (Saskatoon, CA)
Bandit Air

Received my pair of Bandit Air headbands about 10 days ago. Got in a couple of runs with them and they perform perfectly like every other Halo product I own!

Perfect sun protection for the neck and ears

Perfect for the. Ears and neck

Halo II Pullover Headband
Remi Parent (Brampton, CA)
Great product

I'm using Halo headband for cycling for more than five years and just love them. This was my fourth one and I'm still using all of them.

Halo Sport Hat
Halo sport hat

Love the hat. Keeps my head protected yet cool from the hot sun.

Halo Sport Hat
Josephine Buckle (Ilderton, CA)
Sweat Ban on Sport Hat

Unfortunately the sweat ban is not sewn all the way around the front of the hat and even though I try to keep it over the eyebrows it moves when I put the rest of the hat on and I still get sweat in my eyes.

Halo Protex Bandana
Ian (Toronto, CA)
Protex bandana

This is my third Protex; just a awesome as the first. I have a larger melon so the adjustability afforded by the ties is a must. The sweat is wicked very swiftly so I can keep my eyes on the road not wiping them every few minutes. Fits under my helmet without issues. Throughly recommend this product!

Halo X3 Pullover Headband
Jason Bee (Whitby, CA)

Do you have eyes, a head, and sweat during exercise? If you answered YES, then the Halo X3 is not a want, it's a need! Best cycling accessory i have purchased. PERIOD.

Halo II Pullover AIR Series Headband
Excellent product!


Halo I Headband - tie version
Sean Howes (Cambridge, CA)
Love it

I went with the tie version as I have a bigger head and was worried about the “one size fits all”. I wear this under my bike helmet and I don’t even notice it when I ride. Keeps sweat out of my eyes and off my glasses. Can’t go riding without it now

Halo I Headband - tie version
Leo Burns (Beverly Hills, US)
Highly efficient- “no drip”

Theis approach works! I purchased 2 bands/hats… one for my indoor Zwift rides and one for my outdoor IRL rides… couldn’t be happier (except my wife has now “borrowed” my indoor bandanna (tie straps = adjustability)).

No sweat in the eyes - simple/elegant solution… no need to clean my sunglasses after each ride. Indoor - keeps sweat off my Ti frame and eliminates the need for “elaborate towel coverings”.

A truly great purchase!

Halo Skull Cap
Greg K (Oshawa, CA)
Halo Skull Cap

Great product. I sweat profusely and constantly had to wipe the sweat from my forehead and eyes. I used to carry an extra cloth for this purpose. Even the padding in my helmet would get soaked and contribute to the dripping. The Halo Skull Cap stopped all this and I can ride with much greater comfort with not having stinging eyes. I’ve rode at few hundred kilometres with it and now I wouldn’t ride without it.

Halo X3 Pullover Headband
Juan Carlos Obando
Halo X3 Pullover Headband

My name is Juan Carlos Obando and I am an OCR & Trail running athete.
I use Halo X3 Pullover Headband and I truly believe and love this product. This product has made it easy for me to train and compete in. I don't have to worry about sweat coming down and burning eyes anymore. No matter the sport your in, believe me this product will provide you a comfort that you need as an athlete. Enjoy Halo Headband!