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Halo X3 Pullover Headband
Philippe Chevrier (Val-d'Or, CA)
Great for hotter days

I really like my regular Halo headband but when the weather goes above 26-27 desgrees it's not enough for my bike rides (2hrs+, road bike) so I had to resort to rolled-up bandanas as they were more absorbing. The X3 fits the bill perfectly for those hot days (today's ride was 32oC for 2 hours), no sweat in my eyes/glasses, just great. If you're like me and sweat a lot and/or exercise in very hot weather for long periods, the X3 is amazing.

Perfect for neck protection

This is ideal for long outdoor activities when there is little shade to be had. Great protection for the neck and fits well under headgear (helmets/hats). Good cooling effect, too; the cap part is well vented. Recommended for those who spend a lot of time in the outdoors.

Halo Sport Visor
Mark Moland (Lethbridge, CA)
Great for backpacking & running

I am buying another one! I have used the visor for marathon training and lots of hiking and backpacking. I love the versatility. Keeps the sweat out of my eyes and also keeps me cooler than a hat.

Halo Cycling Cap
Julian (Vancouver, CA)
Great cycling cap

I sweat a ton in the summer and it is the worst getting sweat in my eyes while I'm riding, the Halo Cycling Cap a lifesaver!

Halo Sport Hat
Chad Burton (Abbotsford, CA)
Halo hit

My second hat and just good as the last one. Will be buying more as well as the head bands

Halo II Pullover Headband
Eric Piccoli (Montreal, CA)
Works like a charm.

It does what it’s supposed to be doing. I hoped I could adjust it a little, something it feels to tight on longer rides.

Halo 2 Headbands

I’ve been using the Halo headbands for several years now and they work great in channeling the sweat away from my eyes. My only criticism is that the yellow rubber band in the inside that does that process peels off at the ends so I have to sew it down to keep the headband working as it should. Aside from that issue they’re great.

Halo I Headband - tie version
Malcolm Lightfoot (Vancouver, CA)
Sweat away!

Work great, look great, stay put. Use the Halo I for the gym, running, hiking, and underneath my helmet for riding. Have tried other headbands, these are my favourite so far...

Halo Bandit AIR Series - pullover headband
Jacques Wibrin (Boisbriand, CA)
Halo Bandit AIR

Works extremely well can't ask for better headband.

Halo Protex Bandana
Daniel Saumur (Hamilton, CA)
Ear saver

My dermatologist was impressed with my Halo I’m able to golf with out worrying about sun damage on my ears

Halo X2 Pullover Headband
Sean Woods (Victoria, CA)
Dry eyes

I'm very happy with how the headband keeps my eyes and face dry when I'm biking. I'm probably going to buy more

Halo Skull Cap
Shawn Johnsen (Calgary, CA)
Halo is the best!

I use it under my cycling and hiking helmets, all year round! Always amazing!

Halo X3 Pullover Headband
HW (Richmond, CA)
Great for running

The headband works great during my long runs. I don't experience sweat getting into my eyes anymore.

Halo Skull Cap
Harry VandenBrink (Harrow, CA)
Still brand new scull ap

Haven’t used it yet, still riding inside

Halo Solar Skull Cap with neck protection
Sandra Zens (Port Alberni, CA)

Comfortable and convenient. Sure helps when working in the hot sun.

Halo II Pullover Headband
AW (Toronto, CA)

comfortable and works as promised!

Halo Cycling Cap
Francisco Moon (Victoria, CA)
It fits my huge head perfectly.

Simply the best cycling cap I ever owned. Only wish that there are more colour and design options! Would buy again.

Halo Anti-Freeze Skull Cap
Josh Niles (Edmonton, CA)
Great cap

I wear the anti freeze skull cap running. Despite -15 to -20 C temperatures I still sweat like a maniac. This cap has been a real boon. It keeps the sweat out of my eyes and keeps my head warm ( as long as I keep running of course) would highly recommend!!

Halo Anti-Freeze Skull Cap
Eduardo Schor (Winnipeg, CA)
Anti-Freeze Skull Cap

Great skull cap for winter running. Fits a bit tight and the sweat block seal leaves a mark in my forehead, but overall fits it purpose.

Halo Anti-Freeze Skull Cap
JOHN BAXTER (Mississauga, CA)

Great for Biking or any outdoor activity.!
Warm and toasty..a must have.

High quality cap

I'm very happy with my Halo Solar Skull Cap with neck protection. This is the second one I have owned, with the first one lasting over 5 years of daily summer use under a bike helmet before it was accidentally damaged. This is a unique product and highly recommended for sun protection.

Halo X3 Pullover Headband
Charles Fletcher (LaSalle, CA)

Used Halos for years in cycling. Highly recommended

Halo II Pullover Headband
Nathalie Larose (Québec, CA)

Une merveille plus jamais de sueur dans les yeux !!!! je peux pousser d'avantages!

Halo Anti-Freeze pullover headband
Nathalie Larose (Québec, CA)

Parfait pour protégez les oreilles

Halo I Headband AIR Series - tie version
Jaime Gervais (Burnaby, CA)
Really fantastic and comfortable

Coming from a decade of head pain, this tie headband is great for working out. So comfortable, holds sweat and even though tied lightly it does not come loose. Very happy with this purchase.