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Halo Bandit - pullover headband
Steve I (Windsor, CA)

I've been using my bands for well over a month and I'm very satisfied. They're very lightweight and collect alot of sweat by the end of a good workout. I would definitely recommend these head bands.

Halo Race Visor
Tony S (Calgary, CA)
Race visor et al

I have been using halo products for well over a decade. i use them for anyhting i do that is sweaty and they have been magical. I recently bought the race visor to wear under a bike helmet when doing long bikepacking tours and it has been perfect. If you wear glasses just buy any halo product and know it was your best decision in mitigating sweaty smudgy glasses.

Halo Cycling Cap
Franco Cermeno (Vancouver, CA)
Great for sweat but the brim needs improvement

Great for sweat, saving my eyes from torture. Great fit and comfortable. But Brim needs work. IT does not stay up when I fold it up, and very annoying as it constantly comes down when I'm riding and obstructs my vision, which is dangerous. Other cycling caps that I have stay folded up, so this can definitely be improved.

Halo Anti-Freeze pullover headband
Bonnie Mass (Cranbrook, CA)
Halo Anti-freeze Pullover

I ordered the antifreeze pullover for running this winter. It is well made and fits me well. It hasn't been cold enough to try it yet, but I am confident it will do the job well, to keep the sweat out of my eyes and the cold off of my ears.

Halo Bandit - pullover headband
Terry Meehan (Niagara Falls, CA)

I really like this headband, so far it helps with my sweating. I would just like it thinner so I can wear it under my bangs

Halo Sport Visor
Alan Marubashi (Scarborough, CA)
Halo sports visor

Great visor. It absorbs sweat on forehead very well. The adjustable bands is perfect for my large head.

Halo Happy

Stays in place while I’m playing pickleball, keeps the sweat from my eyes and face and it looks good ☺️

Halo Sport Visor
Claudette Trudel (Québec, CA)
Very good product

And excellent service

Halo Cycling Cap
Bob Smith (Montreal, CA)
I bought the white, now got the black

Really like that product. It works, so I got an other one.

Halo Protex Bandana
Mary (Philadelphia, US)
Great bandana!

I’ve been using Halo bandanas on bike rides for 10 years. They keep the sweat out of my eyes and they’re very durable. So glad to buy 2 more 🚲

Love it Great colour.

Really like the width and comfort of this band. Gave the first one to my daughter as she ❤️❤️… now I have one

Halo II Pullover Headband
Barbara Bennett (Brampton, CA)

Halo is the only headband that has proven itself worthy in satisfying my husband's demands while running over the years, particularly during races. It keeps the sweat from running down his face thereby keeping him happy which, in turn, leaves me happy as well! :) Thank you Halo!

Great product, does the job!

I am disabled and wear heavy leg braces. I don't let that stop me and 6 days a week, I go for a half-hour walk around my local park using a walker. This park has a few gentle inclines (gentle for most people, not so gentle for me) and I routinely walk around the park a few times, climbing up those inclines again and again. I look like I ran a marathon but the halo band keeps the sweat out of my eyes as advertised and it's not until I remove it that I realise just how much sweat this sweatband keeps away from my face. The band is not soggy, it dries quickly!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Hugo (Chicoutimi, CA)
Parfait pour velo et tennis

Très satisfait car je n’ai plus besoin de serviette avant au moins 45 minutes de sports intenses !! Spinning entre autres!!

Halo Sport Visor
Anonymous (London, CA)
Halo Visor

Love the Halo Sweat Visor - sturdy and comfortable!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Julie Aubé (Québec, CA)

Fait un super travail pour le vélo intérieur!

Halo Bandit AIR Series - pullover headband
Scott Driscoll (Charlottetown, CA)

Good company excellent customer service

Halo X3 Pullover Headband
Jon (Longueuil, CA)
Mountain biking

Bought the X3 for mountain biking to try to keep the sweat from pouring into my eyes.

Works great and the sweat seal works much better than the bandana I was previously using.

Unless you just casually ride, non functional.

Purchased this and halo X3 in hopes something would keep sweat out of my eyes. These do not. Called the company and spoke to a rep inquiring if I was doing something wrong. Was basically told, if you ride hard, it's unable to do its job. Well I guess I ride hard everytime I'm on my bike. It's good for 20mins, once is soaks with sweat, it just pours down my face. Basically useless.

Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out with your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed in the performance of our headbands and would like to help.
While the Slim AIR pullover has been designed for light-to-moderate workout, the X3 headband should handle some heavy sweating!

I'm already talking to you by e-mail about finding the right headband for you.
Maybe we should try the X3 medium headband or the Protext Bandanda for even more sweat absorption.

Halo II Pullover Headband
Dominick Celentano (Mississauga, CA)
own several

Perfect for indoor workouts and running in humid conditions (including rain).

Halo II Pullover Headband
David Gower (Edmonton, CA)
Great Product!

After searching for a headband that would fit under my cycling helmet with not much luck I decided to try the Halo II pullover and I have been very pleased. The band does exactly what it says by channeling the sweat away from your face and for a light weight band is super absorbent. I would recommend this product without hesitation.

Halo II Pullover Headband
L.B. (Hampstead, CA)
Halo II

Good not Great. Reduces sweat on the glasses. Does not eliminate it.

Lorne, thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear that the headband did not completely eliminate sweat on your glasses.
We have another headband called the Halo X3 that might be more suitable for athletes who are able to overwhelm our classic Halo II headband.
Please let me know if you'd like to give it a try and I will arrange for an exchange.

Halo Protex Bandana
Nataly Kingsbury (Montreal, CA)
Bandana One size

Excellent quality but one size is too large for me.

Halo Anti-Freeze pullover headband
cycle_quebec (Québec, CA)
perfect headband

I bought this for my bf who cycles long distance at a time. It's the best product to prevent the sweat going into his eyes, and he doesn't need to stop to wipe the sweat off. Very comfortable, going inside the helmet without any problem, easy to clean, hang to dry fast. Super practical, super satisfied. Highly recommend!

Halo Bandit - pullover headband
Brian Van Helvert (Toronto, CA)
Halo headband review

I have several of these and can't say enough about them. They look great and work great as well.