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Halo II Pullover Headband
René Béchard (Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, CA)
Great disappointment

headband does not direct sweat as promised

We are very sorry to hear that it didn't work for you as intented.
There are thousands of athletes who happily use Halo headbands and most are exceptionally satisfied with them.
Let's determine the cause of the issue. Maybe it's too loose for your head and doesn't create a proper SweatSeal. We also have Tie and Velcro options for a more customized fit.

While it's not easy, some 'heavy sweaters' are able to overwhelm the Halo II headband.
Do you know that we now have the X3 headband that is very difficult to outsweat?
We'd be happy to replace your Halo II headband with the X3 or another headband that might suit your better.
Please get in touch with us by email or send a text to 514-612-8575. Thanks for giving a chance to resolve the issue.

Halo II Pullover Headband
richard vendrig (Mississauga, CA)
Awesome they simply work

As the title notes, it simply works. Easy to care for, does not fill the helmet and is comfortable. Get two to cycle them through. Say goodbye to riding with one eye!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Jean-Christophe Chambaud (LaSalle, CA)
Fastest shipping

Someone, most likely from the company, dropped the envelop next morning at my door.
This was less than 24h after my order was paid.

As for the headband, this is not my first one and it does what it it supposed to very well. I will get another when this one wears out again in a few years.

Halo II Pullover Headband
Greg (Stewiacke, CA)
Halo 2 Pullover

I have a big head, 61cm, this fits great under my bike helmet with zero discomfort or interference. Will be buying more.

Halo Bandit - pullover headband
Nathan (Calgary, CA)
Great Headband

Works perfectly under a hat to keep the sweat off you and out of the hat. Stopping those sweat lines and salt stains that makes a nice cap ugly

Halo X3 Pullover Headband
Barry Pinsky (Thornton, CA)
X3 better than Halo II for big sweats

I took Halo's offer to exchange a Halo II for the X3. Still need a towel - but the X3 definitely absorbed a lot more sweat when hard core Zwifting indoors. Waiting for good weather to try it outdoors and see how it feels under the helmet on long rides. Hope it work well with air flow drying it out.

Halo Skull Cap
Glenn S. (Miramichi, CA)
Many uses

I love the Halo scull cap for many reasons. I use it for cycling, HITS, and most importantly during diving! Being baled, I need a head covering when I scuba dive, and this works perfectly and stays in place!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Sueg2 (Red Deer, CA)
Fits Nicely

I bought this as I needed a new headband for working out. It has a water deterring strap on the inside so the water doesn’t go straight into your eyes. Slips on nicely. Could be a bit wider but I’m okay with it. I have two and will use them often.

Halo X3 Pullover Headband
Marcel Cyr (Edmundston, CA)
I can seee...

No sweat dripping in my eyes when playing hockey. Best solution out there. Thanks

Halo Anti-Freeze pullover headband
Melissa Doolaar (Wiarton, CA)
Great coverage headband

I love how this headband fits over your ears and keeps them the perfect temperature away from the wind and cold.

Halo Bandit - pullover headband
Dustin Orr’s apostles (Montreal, CA)
Very tight

Hurts the head when you wear it a long time. I’m bald and need headbands for sweat, and my head is average sized but it hurt for wearing more than 20 minutes.

We are sorry to hear the headband feels too tight for you.
This is a popular style and most athletes find it very comfortable.
Please try to pre-stretch it with your hands and it should loosen up a bit.

If the problem persists, please contact us and we can exchange it for a different style.
We have Halo II Plus headband which is a bit larger. We also have the X3 headband that comes in L/XL and the Tie versions where you can make a knot on the back for a perfect fit.

Halo X3 Pullover Headband
Chris Harris (Trenton, CA)
Halo x3 sweatband

I am cycling it’s not a 100% perfect
Still get sweat running down side of face,back of neck
Sometimes in frt of forehead
Maybe it needs adjustment or smaller band for different size heads

Thanks for your feedback.
The X3 headband comes in 2 sizes: Medium and L/XL. I see you bought the medium size.
If it's still a bit too big for you, I'd recommend trying the X3 Tie version which will allow you to adjust it to your liking by making a knot on the back.
Please let us know if you'd like to exchange the one you bought for the Tie version.

Halo II Pullover AIR Series Headband
Barry Pinsky (Penetanguishene, CA)
Lots of sweat in my eyes

Disappointing! After some serious testing in a hot sunlit room while training on Zwift, the headband doesn't absorb as much as my old ones, and so the special channelling really deosn't make much difference.

I am sorry to hear that it didn't perform as expected.
I already sent you an email asking if you'd like to exchange your headband for the X3 headband which should be more suitable for athletes like yourself who sweat a lot. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Halo II Pullover Headband
Dave Baxandall (Edmonton, CA)

Works well ordered another!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Ken Steele (Edmonton, CA)
Works like a charm

I have been using this for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with its performance. No more using a towel during the game to wipe the perspiration from my eyes!! Love the product and it does exactly what it was advertised for and what I hoped it would do!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Edwin Moulic (Montreal, CA)
Right on the Spot

Very Nice additional color options to match my Style and very absorbent too

Halo II Pullover AIR Series Headband
rebecca Andrew (Guelph, CA)
No more burning eyes

This is exactly what I needed to keep the sweat out of my eyes during those long rides.

Halo II Pullover Headband
A.D.P. (Burnaby, CA)
truly sweat locks to protect eyes

Having tried brand after brand of sweat mgmt headbands...I am thrilled to say I have finally found my 'forever product'!!!

The Halo bands x 4 that I ordered on spec, arrived very fast, in excellent condition and with minimal ( important to me)but perfect packaging. I was immediately impressed with the don't always know when you can't feel it in the shop beforehand.

They washed nicely, dried very fast and are of excellent material quality!

Used for indoor sweaty spin workouts the bands do 100% as they say on adverts. Eyes saved, earbuds stay in and bands stay superbly in place. I love the yellow grip bar!!

The material is soft, pliable but solid and leaves no 'ah, that was so itchy/ tight' feeling behind.
A pleasure to wear :)

Used for yoga and painting our shower and bathroom, and shovellibg snow(ugh) the bands are very comfortable over a long period. They do not slip or irritate at all. Superb!

I highly recommend Halo bands, am delighted and relieved to have found my forever product for run/ hike/spin/yoga/lawnwork/painting and simply everyday living.


Halo Anti-Freeze Skull Cap
Bob Smith (Québec, CA)
I love it

Really warm and not bulky so you can wear it under your helmet while doing bike. It's really really nice, I would buy again.

Halo II Pullover Headband
Bob Smith (Québec, CA)
Great product

It's a great headband, but it's not as absorbant as other headband they make. So it saturate quite quickly. Good for up to 1 hour.

Halo II Pullover Headband
Greg Cartmell (Waterloo, CA)

Headband works like a charm for a sweatband!

Halo II Pullover Headband
Calla Barras (North Vancouver, CA)

It’s very comfortable, however I’m sweating through it after about an hour on the indoor cycle. I sweat a lot though so that may be a user error rather than a band error :)

Halo X3 Tie Version Headband
Tracy Fehr (Penticton, CA)
Great service and headband looks great

A stocking stuffer for Christmas so it hasn’t been tried on yet by the active recipient, but it looks like a high quality product. Thank you.

Anti-freeze headband

I bought this for my husband for winter biking and he loved it! His ears were toasty warm😊

Halo Anti-Freeze Skull Cap
Steven Montgomery (Ottawa, CA)
Halo Anti-Freeze Skull Cap

Generally I like the hat, the only thing because of the need to keep the sweat band against your head, I found it a bit uncomfortable around the ear when wearing sunglasses.