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Great for running

Excellent product...simple and effective

Great Product!

The headband is great, keeps the sweat out of my eyes when biking. I'll be buying another one.


Great fit and soft fabric. Stays well in place. I added a button on each side to wear with mask . Super comfy!

Perfect product

I just wanted something to help me not be distracted on the elliptical. It’s very absorptive and not warm to wear at all. I was worried about sizing for a pullover, but it’s working perfectly, and the silicone strip is the icing on the cake. I’m very happy with this product, and will for sure be purchasing a couple more.

Thumbs up

Best headband I’ve ever used. Been using them for the last 4-5 years.

Great Headband!

O ordered both the Halo II Pullover and the Halo X3 Pullover. The Halo II is a bit tight, I guess because it only comes in one size, therefore it leaves a deeper mark on my forehead. The X3 is absolutely perfect! It comes in two sizes, so I was able to order a L/XL, plus the depth and type of material used ensure comfort and that the sweat doesn't run down into my eyes.

Really good

So we are at the testing stage with a number of products for the 8 x 8 beach apparel brand. We are working on price points and trying to determine what products we can include in our offerings for beach vball players. So far the weather has only allowed us to test the bands on a stationary bike or in an indoor court lol. Time will tell, but definitely the product is awesome. Just working on price for wider distribution. :) thanks for your help and great communication.


When I saw how thin and comfortable the headband was, I was skeptical that it would keep the sweat at bay - but I’m thrilled with how it works! Indoor trainer rides (sometimes many hours long) are so much more comfortable now. I can’t wait to road test this under my helmet in the summer!! 11/10 recommend.

Great handband!

Ordered one for my husband for Christmas and ended up ordering one for myself. High quality and really works to whisk the sweat away!

Halo Headband - Bandit Pullover

Great Headband, well made and functional.

Great Headband

I love the tapered backs on these, as my hair is shorter at the back and the thicker bands out there don’t sit right and look weird. These look great and are comfortable enough to wear all day. I love the sweat catcher/stopper built in at the front. What a great addition to stop the sweat from getting in your eyes. Just waiting for the cute patterns to come back in stock and I will be buying more! So glad I found these.


I will not ride with out these Halo Headbands
They truly do the job of keeping the sweat out of your eyes. Great product!

The best mask so far.

This is the best mask for fit and comfort so far. And finally - no fogging of glasses!

Fantastic solution to sweat in the eyes!

I love my Halo Pullover headbands- I have 6- 3 for warm weather and two for cold weather activities. The Antifreeze Headband is awesome for cross country skiing AND under my downhill ski helmet. I’ll definitely replace them when they eventually wear out- some time in the distant future!

Would like to see other size options for pullovers

Overall I really like halo’s, I started using them 12+ years ago and have quite a few. For the Bandit review, this band is good for a larger head, tends to slide off for an average (medium) to smaller head like mine. The Bandit (and all pullovers perhaps) should come in two sizes (for small to medium circumference and medium to large circumference heads). Of the halo pullovers and ties I have, the tie version is better for fit.

Excellent product. Very satisfied customer.


Only drawback is that it isnt medical grade. Other than that it is comfortable and easy to use 👍

Halo II Pullover Headband

Halo X3 Pullover Headband

Great headband

Great headband - wonderful fit and captures a ton of sweat

Peak too short

It’s wintertime with most outdoor and indoor facilities closed. As such I’ve no opportunity to really test out the Halo Visorband. Since I’m very happy with my previous Halo bands, I’m sure I’ll like the Vosorband. One initial observation, the peak looks short in comparison to normal hats which likely block out more sun.

Great product

Great headband. Stays in place. You can use it to cover your ears for warmth or not.

Halo II Pullover Headband

Halo Slim 1" Pullover Headband

Very well Made

This headband is just great keeps the sweat out your eyes and most of your face a must when training. Good Job Halo Headband. Thanks