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Halo II #KeepYourDistance #GardeTesDistance

2020 is not over yet, but it has already brought a lot of uncertainty, surprises and opportunities. To commemorate 2020, we have released our special edition #KeepYourDistance #GardeTesDistances #2020 Halo II pullover headband.  


Join the Halo Headband Canada Ambassadors Team!

Everyone who spreads the word about Halo Headband is our ambassador, and let me start by saying that we are exceptionally grateful for your support over the years, be it a review on our website, a post in social media, referring your co-workers or recommending Halo to your friends. Finally, we are ready to launch the Halo Headband Canada Ambassador Program to reward our valued customers who play such a crucial role in our success. For starters, we have created the Halo Headband Canada Ambassadors Facebook group, and we invite all our customers to join. Join the Halo Headband Canada Ambassador Facebook group We have also created the Ambassadors Dedicated Portal which will allow you to earn points for every activity you perform: a social...


Halo II Quebec Flag design now available!

english version will follow Halo II - version Drapeau Du Québec maintenant disponible! Comme vous le savez peut-être, nous sommes basés à Montréal. Bien que Halo Headband soit populaire en Amérique du Nord depuis quelques décennies, ce n'est que récemment que nos clients locaux au Québec ont commencé à découvrir ce superbe bandeau. Avec votre soutien, nous avons brisé la glace, et pour célébrer cette étape importante, nous lançons notre nouvelle édition Halo II Québec qui, nous l'espérons, ouvrira la porte à de nombreuses autres éditions d'inspiration locale. OBTENEZ LE MAINTENANT    As you might know, we are based out of Montreal. While Halo Headband has been popular in North America for a few decades, only recently our local customers in...


Join Our Team by Submitting New Design Idea

Which new styles would you like to see from Halo Headband?Submit your idea for a chance to win a Halo II headband with your design. Join the Halo Headband Canada Team   As you might have noticed, we have already made several new designs such as: Halo II Canada Flag , #KeepYourDistance , "Rainbow Paint"and Army Green. Most of these designs were suggested by our valued customers. We want to offer more options and, to take the guesswork out of the equation, we'd love to hear your ideas first and then do a poll to choose the best ones.     Any new design ideas? Please click the button below to register for our "Idea Board" where you can submit your ideas and start a...